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Literature by gothikuk

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Submitted on
May 8, 2012
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Her brother's not a person
Because he's only eight
He's her possession
An obsession
Another reason for a burden
In the pack she loves to carry
Holds her mummy
And her daddy
Her best friend and her virgin
All the victims she enables
So she can heep her head in fables
High in martyr land
Where she's no princess
But the God

Tapping keyboard
Writing stories
Same old plot and
Cliched people
Hollow land and empty steeple
Giving nothing but her version
Of her silent resignation
That she blurts to everybody
How it hurts to show it hurts
Oh she's rejected and exhausted
Always busy and down trodden
But that's just the way she likes it
To be needed
In her weakness
To be strong

She aims to always
Keep her mumma
Big and fat
Dependent stupid
So daddy spends the money
That will keep her snugly safely
Inside her little room
Writing for her little circle
Living in her land where
She controls
All the characters she steals
Puppets prancing on a stage
So she will never have reality
Won't understand causality
Her life will be banality
She'll never touch the dirt.
A poem about a fictional person whose type exists.
Written May 7th, 2012.
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SpiritDuchess Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2012
Youhas have penned a poem that is something I felt and thought I knew so well. But it is you that clearly has not only the understanding of the scope, but also the talent to make it a reality.

Wonderful. Absolutely, spot on.
darkallegiance666 Featured By Owner Jun 28, 2012
Thank you very much - that's one hell of a compliment, especially coming from such a great poet as yourself.
SpiritDuchess Featured By Owner Jun 28, 2012
I cannot speak to your compliment. I will say thank you.

But I will always love your words first. I can not, and will not ever try to know why. I am so in love ith the flight. Please keep with you in your heart while all around seems thorned and spiral. You are the wind where many soar with sails full and utterly joyed.

thank you so much for making my day worthy of each and every breath.
darkallegiance666 Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2012
Thank you - your words mean more to me than you will ever know.
xBennyRGraux Featured By Owner May 8, 2012  Professional General Artist
Very good, the profile of a lying manipulative emotional vampire.
I hate her type, can't stand em, always full of it.
Can't take the truth only want the sugar coating.
It's like if they take a dump they put frosting on it and want you to eat it...
great work. This type of woman makes me so sick and frustrated its a
mracle I dont hate women altogether yet.
I've been around too many to count.
darkallegiance666 Featured By Owner May 8, 2012
Not only women - I've known males like this too. Although - I've found it more in women, unfortunately.

Thanks for liking the poem!!
xBennyRGraux Featured By Owner May 8, 2012  Professional General Artist
thats true, particularly paranoid bipolars and men with aspergers
darkallegiance666 Featured By Owner May 8, 2012
My nephew Alan is bipolar & I've got a fairly good idea that he's paranoid at times. :D

I have problems with it though. He's also very intuitive at times. Does this mean that he's spiritually in tune & just has a different name for low forces?

He believes that my sister (his mother) is reincarnated from an evil sorcerer. Oh, the stories I could tell you about him. I haven't seen him for ages, and he was a rotten little kid but he's a good adult.
xBennyRGraux Featured By Owner May 8, 2012  Professional General Artist
Ihope hes a good adult. I cant stand em though
darkallegiance666 Featured By Owner May 8, 2012
He's a better adult than he was a child - that much I know for sure. He's also much nicer now that he's clinically insane than when he was "sane". I haven't seen him for some years now, but I wouldn't really want to see too much of him. A little of him goes a long way - if you know that old saying!! :D
My sons always said that he was their most interesting cousin.

I loved that Godzilla/King Kong wrestling match. You told me days ago to watch it & I only watched it last night. It made me laugh & it was fun!!!!
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