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A few of my Videos -

Sneaky Kitty by AngelicHellraiser My tribute to HR Giger's art & movies by Dario Argento -…

H.R. Giger Stamp. by Kitty1000Bits put together from the Extras of "Alien", showing Giger at work on the various monsters (paintings, sketches, sculpts etc) & interviews with him & about him. They thought he was "creepy"!! :rofl:

Purple Striped Kitty free icon by reaper334 My Tribute to the Art of Frida Kahlo -…

Purple Avatar With Full Moon by AudraMBlackburnsArt My Tribute to the Art of Arthur Rackham -…

Free: Tree House by FantasyStockAvatars My Tribute to the Art of John William Waterhouse & Gustav Klimt -…

Halloween cat-Free avatar by sayuri-hime-7 My Tribute to the Art of Michael Hussar, Ray Caesar & a few other artists -…

Red Death by AngelicHellraiser My Tribute to the Art of Vladimir Kush -…

Kitten Pumpkin by angelishi My Tribute to the art of Daniel Merriem -…

Avatar: There Be Dragons Here by FantasyStockAvatars My Tribute to William Blake -…

Essence of Halloween by r0se-designs My Tribute to art inspired by the Wonderful & Magnificent Ray Bradbury's excellent Fiction (although - sadly - I believe that this video is blocked in quite a few countries) -…

:iconpinheadplz: I love many of the "Hellraiser" movies with Doug Bradley as Pinhead -…

This is NOT an ad!!! I'm including these links in case anybody is interested. My Youtube channel & the videos that I've made are a hobby only & I get no money from them because I use so much copyrighted material. If you have Adblock on your pc like I do, then you don't need to see any of the dumb ads that YT shoves on my videos. Skull Headbang left by ReSkull:iconblackheartplz::headbang:


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May 20, 2015
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May 19, 2015
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darkallegiance666's Profile Picture
Zara Black
I am a 54 y/o Australian who loves to draw, do art of other traditional kinds, write, knit, do various crafts & share my interests & favorite music by making videos for Youtube (which is a hobby that I don't get paid for).

I usually don't write a thank you for the faves message, but I appreciate every one of them, so :iconcj-1plz::iconcj-2plz:. Please don't feel obliged to thank me for faving work either.

I have more than one chronic (permanent) illness, so I'm sorry, but I no longer have the energy or wellness to respond to every comment or note.Aright_blink_left_50x50 by ReSkull:skull:

Keep on shining & creating - the world needs more light & creativity!!

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Original drawings from my gallery are available for purchase - unless already sold, traded for other original traditional art or among my personal favorites. I accept Paypal. If interested, please contact me by note here, or by email at -

Kitty 'n Pumpkin Divider (Right) - F2U! by Drache-LehreKitty 'n Pumpkin Divider (Right) - F2U! by Drache-Lehre

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My :iconyoutube1plz::iconyoutube2plz: Channel -

Poetry and Life

Journal Entry: Tue Mar 3, 2015, 10:09 AM
I'm featuring my favorite poets on DA this time.  I watch very few poets, so this feature will - of necessity - be a very small one. :)

Acid Girl 05Blood dripping on the doorstep
Ninety days was the beat, rhythm, and chorus line
In the letters I wrote to her
I never left out an Oxford comma
Optional was something I could no longer be
My voice of folly died in a clinic just outside of Cleveland
Enfranchisement was an easier game to play
401k promised us all longer lives and weaker minds
I shopped at Ikea on the weekends and never turned on the heat
The illusion of class, a classic illusion
Wood glue holds it all together
Underneath the dinner parties and church basement meetings
All of those systematic lies
They showed me a thousand new ways of looking at the sunrise
Freshly mowed lawns and white collar nine to five
This is why I left happy hour long ago and far behind
I’m all the way clean and she’s all the way gone
Then one day I find her sitting on my front porch swing
smoking cigarettes and chewing on nicotine
Three years apart and her eyes still burn like turpentine
She told me that
  Count On.I saw myself
reflected in your words.
The introduction that falls
within that wave.
...and to see your song
sailing, oh so, high.
I never felt that fall.
Is it love that let me down?
When the music echoes
Wound down?
Withered phrases spoken
round and round
leaving me to wander round.
...when your song trails
long spreading, opening arms.
I'll never let you fall.
I will never let you down.
   Behind the cellar door                             There
                            lies something
                        hidden behind the cellar
                    door. What enigma, what secret, oh
          what alluring truth could it hold? Oh what 
      sown seed,                          | |              of evil would
   it perhaps be?                  
  Eagle and the BearBorn in the land of the eagle
unto the blood of the bear.
I learned early across horizons of time
that life, is never fair.
Yet I've found, through many failures
have come out of them more gain;
for born unto me of freedom, the wings of the eagle
and the fight of the bear in my veins.
For with grace I soar
and in strength I roar.
My spirit, ANGERS for justice!
Together, with the eagle's eye
and the bear's great, fighting size;
Opression - shall BOW
before munificence!!
  white smokeLines (inclusive of spaces): 33
By the promise of the moon, that shines
Among the stars, where our ancestors stand
by the brave, the ancients.
There does our path lead us, to the paths
Where our spirits embrace platitudes held as truth:
We are made from Mother Earth and we go back to Mother Earth
Harken, oh heavens above, to the calls of the elders.
The white smoke carries the spirit to the heavens
Raised was the call, as the ashes burns
burns the remains, a sacrifice, to call out
for a moment... calm; the moon's translucence
All sing with the elder, beckoning you
farewell; we watch, as your spirit finds peace
It takes a thousand voices to tell a single story
Thus do we cry, dearly departed:
The white smoke carries the spirit to the heavens
The smoke disappears, as the mist embraces the skies
And I recall what the ancestors had told me:
When you die, you will be spoken of as those in the sky, like the stars.
Thus is the prayer answered:
By t
  .i did not expect
for you to pour out
your heart
nor that i would be
in the flood of it

So - not much news to report from me.  I've just been doing the usual stuff - going to medical appointments (so depressingly boringly tediously repetitive & time consuming), with various new annoying physical problems on top of the old & recent ones.  I'm growing very tired of it all.

However - more happily - I "discovered" Nikolai Gogol's "Evenings On a Farm Near Dikanka" I & II.  The stories are fabulous & I love most of them!!  I've also just finished reading "The Prose Edda" by Snorri Sturluson & found it very interesting.  I re-read "Death & Deliverance" about the Canadian military plane crash at the north pole, which is okay - not well written, but the story is true, so it's fairly interesting.  I also re-read "Sketches from a Hunter's Album" by Ivan Turgenov, which I like very much, & now I'm probably going to re-read the Thomas Ripley books by Patricia Highsmith & "Death in Venice" by Thomas Mann.

I've finally finished making a very simple witch's outfit & besom to go with one of my apple heads.  It took me much longer than it would most people, I think, because I seem to have grown very un-crafty. :D  I've also tried my hand at making a couple of assemblages, and I mean to add to them over time. 

I bought the cd of "Live Aus Berlin" by Rammstein & now I have all their cd's except for their "Best of", which I don't want because -
1. I've got all the songs on it already,
2. I can watch all the video clips & "makings of" on Youtube
3. I do NOT want to listen to other bands & singers cover Rammstein's songs.
"Live Aus Berlin" is very good.  I especially love the way that the crowd sings along with "Seemann".  I particularly like bands who are just as good live as they are on their studio versions - they're great to draw to.

I've got so many drawings to upload, and so many in various stages of completion, and so much still that I want to draw - so many ideas.

I'm not on the net as much as I used to be.  What with all these extremely irritating medical problems & appointments, it's hard - very hard - to have much energy to do much at all.  I'm so sorry that I can't respond to all your comments like I used to, or answer notes & emails as quickly.  So much that I want to do but so little energy. :(

My sons & my daughter-in-law & our cats are all well.  Ash & Shade are involved in territorial disputes over my youngest son's company/attention & his room, but the most that they do (the 2 cats, I mean - not my son) is to bat their paws at each other.   :D

Does anybody happen to know what the Iranian book called "Shah-Nama" or "Book of Kings" by Abul Kasim Mansur Firdawsi (935-1025 A.D.) is like?  I've only got an excerpt from it about Jamshid & Zuhak, and it is very interesting & entertaining reading.  My eldest son checked the price of the translation by Ruchen Levy for me (which is the one that I would want - a prose translation, not poetry), and it's rather expensive, so I don't want to risk buying it if the rest of it is not as good as that story/history. 

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By my oldest son, & yes, they're all quite hideous!!! :D




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