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The wonderful world of sculpture - enriching the world around us!!


My Favorite Undertaker gifs

De Las Llamas by HARDTAKER2 Caidas Mas Dolorosas WM 25 by HARDTAKERPobre JBL by HARDTAKERLAST RIDE A MARK HENRRY by HARDTAKERacensor de la muerte by HARDTAKERSuicide Dive Level: Deadman by HARDTAKER

Undertaker's matches up to around 2006 gave me & many others a great deal of interest & fun to watch at the time & repay rewatching on dvd & YT video. These gorgeous gifs from some of his matches - made by the great :iconhardtaker: - give some idea why so many people are fans of his wrestling.


A few of my Videos -

Sneaky Kitty by AngelicHellraiser My tribute to HR Giger's art & movies by Dario Argento -…

H.R. Giger Stamp. by Kitty1000Bits put together from the Extras of "Alien", showing Giger at work on the various monsters (paintings, sketches, sculpts etc) & interviews with him & about him. They thought he was "creepy"!! :rofl:

Purple Striped Kitty free icon by reaper334 My Tribute to the Art of Frida Kahlo -…

Purple Avatar With Full Moon by AudraMBlackburnsArt My Tribute to the Art of Arthur Rackham -…

Free: Tree House by FantasyStockAvatars My Tribute to the Art of John William Waterhouse & Gustav Klimt -…

Halloween cat-Free avatar by sayuri-hime-7 My Tribute to the Art of Michael Hussar, Ray Caesar & a few other artists -…

Red Death by AngelicHellraiser My Tribute to the Art of Vladimir Kush -…

Kitten Pumpkin by angelishi My Tribute to the art of Daniel Merriem -…

Avatar: There Be Dragons Here by FantasyStockAvatars My Tribute to William Blake -…

Essence of Halloween by r0se-designs My Tribute to art inspired by the Wonderful & Magnificent Ray Bradbury's excellent Fiction (although - sadly - I believe that this video is blocked in quite a few countries) -…

:iconpinheadplz: I love many of the "Hellraiser" movies with Doug Bradley as Pinhead -…

This is NOT an ad!!! I'm including these links in case anybody is interested. My Youtube channel & the videos that I've made are a hobby only & I get no money from them because I use so much copyrighted material. If you have Adblock on your pc like I do, then you don't need to see any of the dumb ads that YT shoves on my videos. Skull Headbang left by ReSkull:iconblackheartplz::headbang:



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Renee Dark
My art is based on imagination, dreams & nightmares, memory, life, mythology & spirit - which means reality - my reality.

Welcome to the Dark Side!!free avatar: witch 2 by MichikovWitch Cat Icon - F2U! by Drache-Lehre

I usually don't write a thank you for the faves message, but I appreciate every one of them, so :iconcj-1plz::iconcj-2plz:. Please don't feel obliged to thank me for faving work either.

I have more than one chronic (permanent) illness, so I'm sorry, but I no longer have the energy or wellness to respond to every comment or note.Aright_blink_left_50x50 by ReSkull:skull:

Keep on shining & creating - the world needs more light & creativity!!

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Original drawings from my gallery are available for purchase - unless already sold, traded for other original traditional art or among my personal favorites. I accept Paypal. If interested, please contact me by note here, or by email at -

Greeting cards & other products featuring my art are available at my shop at RedBubble, so feel free to check it out if you're interested :) -…

Kitty 'n Pumpkin Divider (Right) - F2U! by Drache-LehreKitty 'n Pumpkin Divider (Right) - F2U! by Drache-Lehre

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Rambling Along

Journal Entry: Fri Jun 26, 2015, 1:26 PM
I've got no appointments for a whole week, so I'm feeling far more relaxed & happier. 

I'm reading "88 Short Stories" by Guy de Maupassant & it's made me realise once again what a fantastically brilliant & superior short story writer he was.  I first read "The Necklace" when I was 8 or 9 y/o & thought even then that it was superb, & it still repays re-reading.  I'm not very fond of his novels, but as a short story writer, he's one of the all-time best that I've ever had the pleasure to read.  His range of subject matter & treatment is astounding.

I finished reading a biography of Patricia Highsmith.  The biographer was very, very good - an English man.  So many biographers get it all wrong - they either hate their subjects (as in a biography that I managed to plough through on Colette's life) or they see no faults in their subject - either way is just as reprehensible. I've read one on Samuel Pepys where he was glorified & one in which he was vilified - both equally cringe-worthy. Then there is the odious so-called "biographer" who believes that instead of research they can tell us exactly how their subject felt, which reads to me as more what they feel the subject should have felt, or what they would feel in the same situation - as in a truly dreadful biography of Shirley Jackson by some American woman, who kept writing over & over about how Jackson felt ugly & heavy in her fat body, without giving any evidence at all that this is how she actually felt. By the time that I finished the biography, I loathed the biographer & wished to God that she had kept her stupid, uninteresting, diet & weight-obsessed self out of the book, which she intruded into all the time.  One biographer who I think overdoes it a bit is S. J. Yoshi (I think that's right without checking the spelling), with his seeming obsession with Lovecraft.  Yoshi is incredible - he seems to have walked over all the ground that Lovecraft walked over, seems to have read every scrap of writing that Lovecraft ever wrote, has researched every possible place that Lovecraft might have based a story on &...well, the man is extreme.  I must say here that I had it wrong when I wrote that Lovecraft had paedophiliac tendencies - no, he was into about the same age group in males that Oscar Wilde was into, and funnily enough, he loathed Wilde & looked down upon him as no gentleman (reference Yoshi's notes).  I write "funnily enough", because Lovecraft was inclined to the same sort of taking on young males who he found attractive, in the same ancient Greek way as Wilde did.  I'm not saying that Lovecraft ever physically had sex with any young men or male teenagers, but I believe (from my reading of his own diary entries, letters & stories) that he was a repressed homosexual who was probably - sadly - unable to admit it to himself.

I bought the new Lindemann cd "Skills in Pills", by Till Lindemann (Rammstein) & Peter Tagtgren.  Some of the songs are hilarious!!  He sings in English & the lyrics of quite a few songs are rude, but so funny!!!!  Unfortunately, my sons don't find them as amusing as I do, having quite different senses of humor.  The music is superb, too.
In an attempt to justify to my middle son my enjoyment of the rather crude lyrics which he claims are pornographic (he's disgusted even with the few photos he's seen inside the booklet in the cd!!!), I've told him that what Till Lindemann sings about is far more realistic (in my opinion, anyway) than the bubble gum sort of sappy romance bullshit that is the norm.  Thank God Till sings it how it is!!!  Thank God that somebody has the guts to tell the truth!!!!  Yes, I found that I had told my son what I truly felt, & that my "justification" - which he may or may not believe - is what I honestly do think - and which, based on what I know of life, is true.  Consider another song - "Pussy" - by Rammstein.  It took TillLindemann around 3 minutes to sing what it took (was it Andrew Marvell or John Dunne?) a whole poem to say in "To His Coy Mistress" (have I got the title exact? I haven't bothered reading it for around 40 years).

At long last I've gotten red geraniums to grow in my garden.  For some strange reason, I could only grow pink ones at this house up till now.

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My Favorite Rammstein gifs

Ich Tu' Dir Weh GIf by YamiHerzeleiddrsg98-2 by YamiHerzeleidMeinTeil Finale by YamiHerzeleidRosenrot2 by YamiHerzeleiddrsg98-3 by YamiHerzeleidMGM 1 by YamiHerzeleidHaifisch: Ohne Dich Part by YamiHerzeleidHaifisch: Amerika Part by YamiHerzeleid

Considering that I draw most of my drawings now while listening to Rammstein's albums, I thought that it would be nice to display some great images (gifs made by the talented :iconyamiherzeleid:) from some of the fantastic videos of their songs.


Evil Caricatures of Me

Holder of the Necronomicon by darkallegiance666Dark Caricature Two by Seth by darkallegiance666Dark Caricature One by Seth by darkallegiance666

By my oldest son, & yes, they're all quite hideous!!! :D




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Your gallery is absolutely great, I really love your style! Leaving only a watch+ for now but I'll definitely take another look into your works soon ~
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Thank you very much!! :iconbouncyplz::iconlilypadplz::icontulipplz:
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hey there
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Always great to hear from you!! I hope that everything is going truly well for you & that life is treating you kindly, my friend. :sun::iconchampagneplz::iconbouquetplz:
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Thanks for askin :)
Its all good, thank goodness
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darkallegiance666 Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2015
Beautiful plzes - really beautiful - you always know the best ones!!! Hello & love across all the miles - I hope that everything is going really, really well for you!! It's still winter over here, but today we have some sun!!:sun:.:heart::hug::iconseaplz::iconsilverheartplz::iconblueroseplz::iconpurpleheartplz::iconblackroseplz::iconpurplebutterflyplz::iconredroseplz:
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Thanks for the watch and Llama! :)
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You're very welcome!!:D
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