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Art that I cherish that was dedicated to me by some of my talented & wonderful friends on DA. "Thank you" doesn't quite cover it. :heart:

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Tsk tsk - this link takes you to my video which is now globally blocked by the WWE, after having been on Youtube since 2011 & racking up around 500,000 views. Thank you so much, WWE - you bastards. This Tribute video was the only one on Youtube that showed most of the Undertaker's fantastic, athletically poetic & graceful suicide dives & dives in the one video. Even Rammstein (or their music company) didn't block my video for me using "Sonne" (a beautiful & stirring song), but the WWE surely did. I'm leaving the link here in memory of my finest video tribute to the greatest wrestler of his time.

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Essence of Halloween by r0se-designs My Tribute to art inspired by the Wonderful & Magnificent Ray Bradbury's excellent Fiction (although - sadly - I believe that this video is blocked in quite a few countries) -…

This is NOT an ad!!! I'm including these links in case anybody is interested. My Youtube channel & the videos that I've made are a hobby only & I get no money from them because I use so much copyrighted material. If you have Adblock on your pc like I do, then you don't need to see any of the dumb ads that YT shoves on my videos. Skull Headbang left by ReSkull:iconblackheartplz::headbang:


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Zara Black
I am a 52 y/o Australian who loves to draw, do art of other traditional kinds, write, knit, do various crafts & share my interests & favorite music by making videos for Youtube (which is a hobby that I don't get paid for).

I usually don't write a thank you for the faves message, but I appreciate every one of them, so :iconcj-1plz::iconcj-2plz:. Please don't feel obliged to thank me for faving work either.

Anybody who wants to use my work in personal projects or professional art is free to, but I would really appreciate it if you would let me know by comment or note - thank you!!:iconblackheartplz::iconblackheartplz::iconblackheartplz::iconblackheartplz:

Keep on shining & creating - the world needs more light & creativity!!

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Greeting Cards, Postcards etc of my drawings are available from -…

Original drawings from my gallery are available for purchase - unless already sold, traded for other original traditional art or among my personal favorites. I accept Paypal. If interested, please contact me by note here, or by email at -

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My :iconyoutube1plz::iconyoutube2plz: Channel -

Report from an Absentee who is now Back

Journal Entry: Thu Jul 24, 2014, 12:53 AM
Hello all!!  :love:

I'm back at last, after having to learn how to cope with diabetes type 2.

What follows is a long journal entry, telling a bit about diabetes & a lot about what I've been doing.  What I haven't been doing is logging on to the net regularly or answering comments & notes.  It was difficult enough to handle the change in life-style, learn all the stuff I've had to learn, keep all the appointments I had to make & that I had made for me, & keep it all together as best I could.

I'm sorry that I haven't responded to comments or notes, but I honestly & warmly thank everybody who has noted me &/or commented, become watchers, bought my prints & been the great friends & supportive, creative people who you all are. :iconthankyouplz::iconbigheartplz::iconkerubiel::heart:

Thank you extremely much to the lovely people who wished me happy birthday on the 8th of May when I turned 53 y/o.  I got a bit choked up when I looked at them & read the notes wishing me happy birthday, & found myself unable to reply through excess emotion. :iconbigheartplz::iconbigheartplz: THANK YOU!!!!

I also haven't looked through any art on here, but I haven't deleted any, & will enjoy going through it all - not at once, but in bits & pieces.  Now that my eyesight has improved enough to read this small print, I feel more optimistic about being on the net again. :iconglassesplz:  Ah yes, I'm getting older every day & my body isn't what it used to be.

Now, I'll start with the diabetes info (in case anybody is interested), & then move on to the leisure stuff that I've been doing (which is interesting to me but probably not to anybody else).

DIABETES :icongroanplz: -

They say that I have probably had diabetes for the last 10-15 years, & that for every person diagnosed with it, there is still one person walking around out there undiagnosed.

I've been swamped with appointments.  Adding these appointments to the life changes that I have had to make & the new habits that I have had to build, as well as to the chronic pain that I already suffer & have endured for the last 18 years, it has been a hectic, tiring time with a few lulls, & yet an interesting one.

When you are diagnosed with diabetes over here in Australia, a mass of specialists needs to be seen.  I have yet to see them all, but so far I've gone from the doctor to the Chronic Diseases Centre.  I saw the Diabetic Educator first (a very nice young woman), who I have to see fairly regularly, then the Dietician twice (an extremely knowledgable woman of roughly my age, who seems to be exhaustively educated & informative about diet), then the Podiatrist once, but from now on to be seen annually (who - interestingly - has a "toe pressure" machine to measure the blood flow to your big toe, and who also ultrasounds your feet, as well as recommending the best types of shoes to wear, and hits a big tuning fork & then holds it onto your foot & tells you to tell her when the vibrations can't be felt any longer.  Luckily, my feet are in good shape!!

I also had to see an optometrist, to check that there was no damage to my eyes, & I was euphoric to find out that there was nothing wrong with my retina, or with haemorrhages at the back of my eyes, etc.  I also found out that without my glasses I am "legally blind".  Added to this, I have to book in to see the "Quit" woman, in an attempt (probably useless) to give up smoking or to cut down, as I am a heavy smoker.  I also have the offer of seeing a physiotherapist, but I haven't done anything about this yet.

All of this is free in Australia, which is great, because I would have no chance in hell of paying for it if it wasn't.

I have a Blood Glucose meter, & have to do the unfortunately named "prick test" once a day, which isn't too bad.  I have diet sheets especially made out for me, & a list of how much food makes up a portion or a serve - eg 10-12 cherries = 1 serve of fruit.  I have put all the diabetes information that I have been sent & given into one plastic pocket folder, & it has filled it.

As well as completely restructuring my meals & lifestyle, I have also been doing more exercise ie generally being more active.  Diabetes apparently affects all your body, & although I had to have blood tests to rule out having a sort of diabetes that is called LADA or Diabetes 1.5 (because I am not overweight), letting my blood glucose go over the recommended 6 can be very bad in the long term.  I also have to take a tablet once a day for the disease, but the tablet doesn't affect me badly & isn't contra-indicated with my other medications. :phew:

WHAT I'VE BEEN DOING IN MY LEISURE TIME :iconmaskplz::iconbookplz::iconscrubsplz::iconhouseplz::iconbeethovenplz::iconpaintplz::iconfluffycatplz::icontabbycatplz::icontrainplz:

1.  Reading.
O. Henry (I got tired of him half-way through the large book of his short stories)
Saki - re-read - I love his short stories
Clark Ashton Smith - re-read - always my great favorite - the best wordsmith I've ever had the great fortune to read
Manly Wade Wellman - re-read - his "John" short stories - pure delight
Sheridan Le Fanu - re-read - blissful - one of the greatest ghost story writers
MR James - re-read - best horror/ghost story writer ever
William Hope Hodgson - re-read of 3 of his books - magnificent!!
Domini Taylor (pseudonym for Roger Longrigg) - re-read - I have all his "Domini Taylor" books, which (along with the Thrush Green books, are my version of "slumming it" books - fun, but not great writing.  However, Domini Taylor writes fairly accurate depictions of a narcissist in "Mother Love" & "Praying Mantis".

2.  Watching 3 series which my youngest sons enjoy -

   a - "Scrubs" - light & fun, not too sexist, enjoyable - a bit of froth.
   b - "House" - a journey of a series.  I didn't mind him at first, but then in Season 3 he devolved into a massively stupid sexist who cracked out distasteful sexist remarks.  After Season 3 though, things went well again, & I enjoyed the series (apart from Season 3).  The ending was very good, in my opinion.
c - "Game of Thrones" - my two youngest sons love this series, but I detested it.  I grew so furious & depressed that I stopped watching around the start of Season 3.  I have heard that this series is immensely popular.  I have no comment to make on the books, which I haven't read, but the series is filled with mostly unlikable people doing unlikable things.  The shows are hideously sexist, demeaning to women, degrading to women, & on the whole - entirely unbelievable, despite being supposedly "semi-mediaeval fantasy".  I only held out watching for so long because I wanted to see the White Walkers, which were - for me - disappointing.  The show was - unfortunately - fairly realistic in a few parts - & triggered me twice.  Did I mention that I now loathe this series?  Don't try to talk me out of hating it - my 2 youngest sons have already tried & tried & tried....& it didn't work.  After watching as far as I did, I felt like scrubbing myself with a wire brush, after bathing in caustic disinfectant.  Frankly, there were too many reminders of bad times in my life in it.

3.  Doing puzzles.

4.  Painting 2 masks with acrylic paint.

5.  Making a video for my channel on Youtube.

6.  Watching "Discworld" movies - thank you, Ben!!!  I love these!!!!

7.  Listening to music -
   a.  "Direct Hits" by Killers.  My eldest son bought me this cd, & I've only listened to it twice, so can't decide properly yet, but it was a bit better on the second listening than the first.

   b.  "Jump Up" by Elton John.  I've loved the song "Empty Garden" for a long while, although I'm not a John Lennon fan, so I knew the songs on this cd (I've owned it on cassette for quite a while) & liked them.

   c.  "The Essential Things of Stone & Wood" by Things of Stone & Wood.  "Things of Stone & Wood" are, or were, an Australian band based in Melbourne (the capital of Victoria).  This cd is life affirming with good guitar work, great music & after only one listening, I like it very, very much.

8.  Watching 2 documentaries with my middle son Andrew -

   a.  Life in a maximum security in Perth (the capital of Western Australia).  This was a good watch.

   b.  The Aryan Brotherhood, in US prisons.  Interesting.  US prisons look pretty hopeless - almost 3rd world, if you watch this documentary.

9.  Drawing.

I have quite a few pictures to upload, but will not upload them all at once.  I also have quite a few half-completed, semi-completed, just-begun drawings to work on, as well as backgrounds ready for some ideas which I have.

10.  Shopping in 3-D.

I went to a second-hand shop for the first time in a few years, & bought a newish sofa-bed (black background with red roses & green leaves on it) for the living room (the cats had scratched the old one to pieces), a black desk with shelves for my bedroom, 3 Naxos brand cds of Beethoven's piano concertos & a heap of clothes.

From import shops, I bought a witch's hat for either my melting witch or for one of my masks, a couple of wigs for one of my masks & some tea candles (I go through them quite quickly).  From an Art & Crafts shop, I bought a thin, pine house, which I intend to paint & fill the rooms of, instead of making one out of cardboard, a papier mache cat (to be painted - I'm thinking kind of folk art), & a new watercolor set which I've tried & don't like.

11.  Shopping on E-Bay.

I bought a lovely devil's head on here, as well as the couple of cd's that I've mentioned above.  I've also ordered a miniature train set, which will be fun to have.  I also talked my youngest son into buying some new clothes from E-Bay, as well as a couple of posters for his room.


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By my oldest son, & yes, they're all quite hideous!!! :D




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Shizuka-B Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Love your art! It's amazing! :D
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Thank you for all the faves Zara! :D
xBennyRGraux Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2014  Professional General Artist
so hey how are you doing? is Andy or Pat answering for you?
I hope your health is ok
darkallegiance666 Featured By Owner 6 days ago
I've noted you, Ben!! :iconsupermanplz:
xBennyRGraux Featured By Owner 6 days ago  Professional General Artist
I didn't get it though.
Ive seen yoru updates on youtube and google just none on da till now
darkallegiance666 Featured By Owner 4 days ago
Oh, that hideous Google+ - I hate it!!! Everything on my channel is now linked into it, even though I never wanted it to be. I still enjoy making videos though, so I'm staying on YT. I'm thinking of uploading a few of my horror movies (dvd's) that aren't on YT yet - IF copyright lets me.

I hope that you got my note & I also hope very much that everything has been going well for you. :heart:
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athena-money Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2014
=o CrushMeSoundless sent me to look at your art and Its really amazing -watches-  I love all the little lines and details
darkallegiance666 Featured By Owner 6 days ago
Thank you extremely much - it means a great deal to me!! :iconsilverheartplz::iconthankiesplz:
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