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Art that I cherish that was dedicated to me by some of my talented & wonderful friends on DA. "Thank you" doesn't quite cover it. :heart:



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A few of my Videos -

Free: Tree House by FantasyStockAvatars Featuring the magnificent art of Daniel Merriem -…

:iconundertakerplz: One of the reasons why I am an Undertaker fan -…

Tsk tsk - this link takes you to my video which is now globally blocked by the WWE, after having been on Youtube since 2011 & racking up around 500,000 views. Thank you so much, WWE - you bastards. This Tribute video was the only one on Youtube that showed most of the Undertaker's fantastic, athletically poetic & graceful suicide dives & dives in the one video. Even Rammstein (or their music company) didn't block my video for me using "Sonne" (a beautiful & stirring song), but the WWE surely did. I'm leaving the link here in memory of my finest video tribute to the greatest wrestler of his time.

:iconevildeadplz: Some of the Horror Movies that I own on DVD/VHS -…

:iconalucardplz: Some of the Anime Movies that I own on DVD/VHS -…

Avatar: Flying Nevermore Raven by FantasyStockAvatars My Favorite Horror Authors -…

:iconpinheadplz: I am an enormous fan of the "Hellraiser" movies with Doug Bradley as Pinhead -…

Sneaky Kitty by AngelicHellraiser I am also a great fan of Hans Rudi Giger & movies by Dario Argento -…

H.R. Giger Stamp. by Kitty1000Bits put together from the Extras of "Alien", showing Giger at work on the various monsters (paintings, sketches, sculpts etc) & interviews with him & about him. They thought he was "creepy"!! :rofl:…

Purple Striped Kitty free icon by reaper334 My Tribute to the Art of Frida Kahlo -…

Purple Avatar With Full Moon by AudraMBlackburnsArt My Tribute to the Art of Arthur Rackham -…

:thumb334519015: My Tribute to the Art of John William Waterhouse & Gustav Klimt -…

Halloween cat-Free avatar by sayuri-hime-7 My Tribute to the Art of Michael Hussar, Ray Caesar & a few other artists -…

Red Death by AngelicHellraiser My Tribute to the Art of Vladimir Kush -…

Kitten Pumpkin by angelishi My Tribute to the art of Daniel Merriem -…

Avatar: There Be Dragons Here by FantasyStockAvatars My Tribute to William Blake -…

Essence of Halloween by r0se-designs My Tribute to art inspired by the Wonderful & Magnificent Ray Bradbury's excellent Fiction (although - sadly - I believe that this video is blocked in quite a few countries) -…

This is NOT an ad!!! I'm including these links in case anybody is interested. My Youtube channel & the videos that I've made are a hobby only & I get no money from them because I use so much copyrighted material. If you have Adblock on your pc like I do, then you don't need to see any of the dumb ads that YT shoves on my videos. Skull Headbang left by ReSkull:iconblackheartplz::headbang:


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Zara Black
I am a 53 y/o Australian who loves to draw, do art of other traditional kinds, write, knit, do various crafts & share my interests & favorite music by making videos for Youtube (which is a hobby that I don't get paid for).

I usually don't write a thank you for the faves message, but I appreciate every one of them, so :iconcj-1plz::iconcj-2plz:. Please don't feel obliged to thank me for faving work either.

Keep on shining & creating - the world needs more light & creativity!!

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Original drawings from my gallery are available for purchase - unless already sold, traded for other original traditional art or among my personal favorites. I accept Paypal. If interested, please contact me by note here, or by email at -

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Just Rambling.

Journal Entry: Sat Oct 4, 2014, 3:20 AM
I've just finished re-reading all the Sherlock Holmes short stories & novels by Arthur Conan Doyle, and I've enjoyed them immensely.  One little criticism is that "The Resident Patient" and "The Adventure of the Carboard Box" have - word for word - the same piece of writing in them.  "The Resident Patient" was the first, so Doyle obviously copied it out again to show how Holmes was able to "read" Watson's thoughts.

I don't believe that I've ever read "The Return of Sherlock Holmes", although I've undoubtedly read some of the short stories in one or another anthology of short stories that I have.

I'm re-reading "Essays of Elia" by Charles Lamb now.  Charles Lamb was a good man.  I can't think of anybody who I can honestly write that about, when it comes to male writers.

I've been watching and re-watching "Volkerball" by Rammstein - their live concert at Nimes in 2005.  Australian internet is much worse than American - American internet has optic fibres and their bandwidth is far more.  It took me approximately 7 hours to upload the concert onto my Youtube channel & then to enable my channel for uploads of longer than 15 minutes.  The concert is between 1 & 2 hours long, and the pyrotechnics are exciting, but the live performance - the quality of the music, Till's voice, the sheer energy of the band, the fantastic French crowd who knew all the words and sang along, crowd surfed etc, all adds up to the best live concert that I've ever had the pleasure to see, either on dvd, vhs or in person.

I've now had 2 chronic diseases diagnosed.  The only good news about this is that I have strongly suspected for some years that I had more than the chronic, severe physical pain that I've had since 1996.  So now I've finally been diagnosed with diabetes type 2 & SLE (Lupus).  I'm taking immuno-suppressant medication & although I haven't had any of the possible really horrific side effects, I'm not feeling well, to say the least.  This year has been a really sick year for me, although it's good to finally get a diagnosis on these things.  My last doctor told me that my lupus butterfly rash was psoriasis, then rosacea, then psoriasis again, then rosacea again.  I asked my new doctor if he thought that it might be lupus, because I had watched "House", where lupus was always thrown in as a possible diagnosis & it was an ongoing joke in the series that it was never lupus.  I was curious about what lupus was, so I googled it & found that I had most of the symptoms.  My new doctor said that it was a reasonable assumption, and sent me for a blood test, which was positive.  It's unfortunate, but it's life.  The way that it is at present makes it difficult for me to do very much at all, which includes doing many of the things that I did in my first 3 years on the net, which is why I've included this paragraph in my DA journal. 

Since I have sons who are interested in games, I have unfortunately been kept well informed about such topics as Gamergate and - curse the name - Zoe Quinn & the modern feminist.

Before Gamergate, I regarded myself as a feminist.  Now, since I have seen how quite a few modern feminists behave, I am not a feminist any more.  The very word - that used to mean (I thought) belief in equality in wages, voting rights, treatment towards & general courtesy towards woman as compared to men, has been abused & misused by people who are bullies, professional beggars, professional victims, liars & corrupt, manipulative or manipulated human beings of both sexes.  I believe in justice, and I have now seen too much fanaticism, injustice, egocentricity, manipulation, bullying of real victims/sufferers, getting money by lying & pompous self-righteousness being held up as something righteous (rather than ludicrous, despicable & shameful) because it is being called "feminism" or "social justice".  I don't particularly care about the corrupt journalism aspect, since I've long regarded journalists as self-interested, open to bribes, not particularly intelligent & untrustworthy  (rather like politicians), but it came as a shock to me to find out that feminism was no longer what I had (perhaps naively) thought that it was, and that the word "rape" has been so belittled by feminists (both male & female) that it can mean almost anything - an accidental nudge in the side might qualify. 

I was very fortunate & found that an 18 color tin of unused Guitar brand watercolor paints was being sold for $10 on E-Bay, so I bought it & it's arrived and it is beautiful - so beautiful that I'm a bit scared to start using it. 

I'm thinking of making some new bookmarks - cutting out shapes & coloring them in with my Derwents.  I'm thinking about folding the thin cardboard in half & drawing the front like a case or wooden box, with a latch drawn on, & then drawing contents inside.  I would also like to do some more craft with cardboard, aluminium foil and ink - I've seen some great things made with them (in an old craft book that I've got). 

One of my sons recommended a movie to me & surprise surprise - it was really good!!  It was called "Snowpierced" & even though I guessed who was sending the capsules & what he would offer/say, it was still an enjoyable watch.  I also rewatched "Tales From The Crypt - Demon Knight", which is pretty much a B grade movie, but it was a lot of fun & I totally enjoyed it.

Because of the regular fevers, chills & joint pains, I have not gotten much further on my knitted rug.  I write "rug", but it's big enough to cover a single bed.  I don't know what to do when I finish it, because it's a bit thin - large needles, garter/plain stitch.  I really like knitting, but I hate sewing.  When I've finished knitting it all, I don't mind sewing it together with wool/yarn, but I really hate the idea of backing it with fabric because of all the sewing that will be involved.  I haven't figured out what to do about this yet.

My sons, daughter-in-law & our beautiful cats are all well.  It's spring, so Ash is moulting :D & leaving white fluff all over the house. 

I still do puzzles every day, but we desparately need some better mixed puzzle books in Australia.  One Australian brand of code-breakers is excellent, and one English brand of logic puzzles is excellent, but the only interestingly mixed puzzle book that I can find is an American one - PennyDell Press - and although the puzzle formats are excellent - cryptograms, anacrostics etc - the subject matter of many of their puzzles is annoyingly jingoistic & their idea of what constitutes a real word is shameful.  I've never seen "adze" spelt "adz" before these puzzles.  The punctuation - or lack of punctuation - is always a factor in these puzzles too, eg "pros".

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